Mural Painting(Surya Bhagavan)

2-3 Days Mural Painting(Surya Bhagavan)

A beautiful painting depicting the Lord Surya Bhagavan. This is in praise of Surya, the Sun God in Hindu mythology. Surya Deva, also known as Suraya or Phra Athit, is the main solar deity in Hinduism. He is also commonly referred to as the Sun.  Surya Devata is regarded as the Supreme Being among the followers of the Saura sect, which has now become very small and is almost endangered. The Sauras worship him as one of the five major forms of God. A very attractive handmade painting work.

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  • Product Code: Mural Painting(Surya Bhagavan)
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
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