Kathakali- (Chuvanna Thadi)

Kathakali- (Chuvanna Thadi)
Beautiful Handmade Acrylic Painting work. The Painting work shows  the most ferocious and cruel characters appear in Chuvanna thadi vesham (Kathakali). Chuvanna thadi is a kathakali make up for horror some vesham or characters in Kathakali.Usually Rakshasas (demons), Asuras (according to Indian mythology Asuras live on earth and represent evil and Devas live in heaven Chuvanna thadi makeup for someone with an evil streak such as ravana, Dushasana etc. It is an attractive handmade painintg work and typicxally therefore of superior quality. Its is an attractive handmade painiting work and typically therefore of superior quality. it is an astonishing canvas showpiece for every one. the painitng is able to resist the penetration of water to a certail extent. This canvas piece is a sentimental longing and wishful attraction for a period in the past.

Material: Acrylic Painting

Category: Handmade

Product: Canvas 

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