Krishna & Radha (Acrylic Painting)

Krishna & Radha (Acrylic Painting)

Here it shows the scene of Radha & Krishna love and friendship with each otherand also the symbol of divine love. Orginal handmade acrylic painting work. Radha  Krishna is collectively known within Hinduism as the combination of both famine as well as the masculine aspects of God. Krishna is in fact often referred as svayam Bhagavan or Supreme God. And Radha is Krishna's supreme beloved. Krishna represents the source of manifestation of all Gods, His consort Radha implies Shakti or the divine feminine energy.

This canvas is a magnificent and amalgamation of diverse tone. The symbol of lotuses and flutes provide us with a sense of familiarity. Each design reflects the artistic quality and exquisitely painted. It is very lightweight and a perfect gifting option. wipe with a dry or wet cloth to remove dirt.Dimension: 25.5 cm*1.2 cm* 33.5 cm


Material: Acrylic Painting

Product: Canvas

Category: HandMade

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