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Parrot Pot

  Designed wonderfully, this vase exudes an earthy vibe. A cute parrot pee..

2,000.00Rs Ex Tax: 2,000.00Rs

Peacock Pot

This is a beautiful handmade pot with peacock design work.  Adding a touc..

1,000.00Rs Ex Tax: 1,000.00Rs

Red Rose In Black Pot

A fabulous fussy black pot with red roses looks transcendent. The symbol of ..

1,800.00Rs Ex Tax: 1,800.00Rs

Round Swinging Chair

SpecificationsCategory - LargeMaterials - Nylon, CaneColour- Multiple Colours Available..

600.00Rs Ex Tax: 600.00Rs

Round Swinging Chair Small

SpecificationsCategory - SmallMaterials - Nylon, thread, CaneColour - Multiple Colours Available..

350.00Rs Ex Tax: 350.00Rs

Round Swinging Chair White

SpecificationsColour - Off-WhiteCategory - LargeMaterials - Cotton thread, Cane..

600.00Rs Ex Tax: 600.00Rs

Ship Pot

Art is the manifestation of the perfection. That fantastic perfection you can ..

2,000.00Rs Ex Tax: 2,000.00Rs


This tiny shoe is manufactured by our artist using high-quality material and h..

200.00Rs Ex Tax: 200.00Rs

Soldier Pot

This is a beautifully handcrafted Soldier pot in a unique shape. Awesome pot w..

5,000.00Rs Ex Tax: 5,000.00Rs