Terms & Conditions

Artisa.Ayoti welcomes you and requests to read the following Terms and Conditions associated with your use of this site thoroughly. The Terms & Conditions, 'The Terms of Use', 'The Terms' are all the same which are the rules one must agree to continue in Artisa's service. We shall modify them anytime without prior notification. Those who are not intended to agree shall not use this site. Kindly read everything well so that you are not left unacquainted.

Accuracy of Information: The professionals behind this site do their best to make it perfect, but we cannot declare that it will never have any error. Errors are human, and it could happen anytime. These errors may be a product's specification, price structure, texts, graphics, image display, etc. We do make improvements ASAP and we are open to your views and input as well.

Adult supervision: Minors are not approved for shopping or in any transactions. Users under 18 years of age are considered as minor and so they are recommended to have a grown-up's guide while using our website. You declare that if anything offensive appears only you and the concerned adult(s) would be taken liable.

Arguments and disagreements: There are chances for disagreements between the seller and the buyer due to any communication mistake. Chances of strange activity that we find on your part, or you find from our side also cannot be ignored. The disputes would be resolved in court and the final decision whatever has to be accepted by both, despite whose side support may arrive.

Intellectual Assets: We or our affiliate members preserve some of the site properties such as logo, trademark(s), trade name(s), texts, graphics, images, etc. We reject our users' rights to create duplicates of any of these, nor do we give them the right to share such things with any third party entity for individual or retail profit.

Account termination: We may discontinue or bar your account and services at any time for a reason we are convinced, and it may be without any advance notice. This is to safeguard Artisa as well as our customer's data because we doubt for breaching the criteria or taking advantages of our resources. We prevent those who are once listed forever for their unacceptable activities. Those users who have disrupted our standards and had made investments are not supposed to continue or buy our products anymore. In case if they have any unfinished purchases to be carried, we will be cancelling it.

Reviews, comments, testimonials: We appreciate comments, testimonials and reviews on ours and third party sites. Whatever is drafted in such reviews may be based on an individual's own perception. There are third party sites involved to defame other sites for their private benefit or as a quotation. We will edit or delete any such remarks on our website that ruin our sincere image, as we remain the full right on our own website. Customers may decide whether or not to buy our products based on any testimonials, which is up to them.

Emails: We send emails to our account owners, subscribers, and contributors who are eligible to get special deals, offers and newsletters that have something based on our site's updates. Those who no longer value our emails may unsubscribe anytime.