Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is enclosed herein for making our readers/visitors/subscribers aware of the types of information we collect from our users, and the methods how we do that so that they are familiar with the existing norms. The Privacy Policy is subject to alter or change anytime without notification in advance. Our users, hence, have to ensure that they stay updated by reading these regulations from time to time.

Types of Information

We collect Direct and Indirect data from our users. The Direct data, as the name suggests, is asked to fill-in the users' details directly. For instance, while creating an account, some basic information is needed such as name, contact number, email address, postal address, etc. It is not a compulsion and the users may choose to not create their accounts. But that would sure help you have personalized experience.

We also need Credit card details later if a person makes a purchase online. This data is sensitive and is therefore stored for temporary in a separate database until the whole transaction is completed, and is wiped away right after that. Moreover, the SSL technology makes sure that nothing is saved directly, but in an encrypted form.

The Indirect data is taken by us without the conscious knowledge of our visitors. This type of information does not give us their real identification, but sure provides us their current geographic location, browser's and OS's details.

We send Cookie files

The cookies silently get stored in the client's hard disk in order to interact with the server, unless the client himself/herself has done any browser settings to limit or completely block them. The cookies help us provide information like your frequency of visits to our website's pages, browsing for particular product(s), adding them to wishlist, purchase history, etc. We cannot know you any better without this.

If you have set the cookies then it would hamper both of us. You would be limited in terms of using our site, and we won't be able to personalize your profile for you; that would otherwise have helped us show those kinds of products that interest you the most. Although, obstructing the cookies purposefully does not stop us from collecting your basic Indirect information.

Your e-mail ID would be usually used as a medium to convey information about our products and services. We will be sending you mail on a weekly or monthly basis. In that email, details about special offers, discounts, new products, price revisions, newsletters, etc. would be shared.  If you no longer wish to get any mail then you may choose to unsubscribe.